Handle your cute Syrian Hamster with care & how to stroke him correctly


Syrian Hamsters are the most popular pets

There are different types of Hamsters like Syrian Hamsters, Chinese Hamsters, Campbell Hamster, Roborovski Hamster and a lot more. It is noted that there are more than 100 species of Hamsters and they mostly are found in the wild. Syrian Hamsters are the most popular ones and measures from 6-7 inches and 5-7 ounces.

Syrian Hamsters with long haired coats are called as Teddy Bear hamsters whereas the ones with golden coats are called as Golden Teddy Bear. Why called Teddy Bears? They are too small and look like a cute teddy bear. It is known that these Syrian Hamsters live for more years than the other Hamsters. Here you will also learn about how to stroke a Syrian Hamster correctly.

How to take care of your pet Hamster?

Syrian Hamsters are much calm and friendly when compared to other hamsters. Children can play with them and it is easy to take care of people who buy the pet Hamster for the first time. Follow some of the ideas given here to take care of your little pet. First, buy a large cage for your pet and assure that you give him a neat and comfortable environment. It should be more rooms in the cage. It is better to add a nest box for your little pet in the cage so that it will be a bedroom and also a pantry.

See to that you clean the cage twice a week or once a week and also spot cleaned and remove the foods and clean the toilet area. It is very important to place your pet’s cage in a quiet place. It is important because loud noise will make him angry or will make him unable to sleep. Feed your tiny pet with fresh foods like carrot, bread, banana, unsalted nuts and many other treats from the pet store.

Stroke your tiny pet with care

How to stroke a Syrian Hamster correctly? Your tiny pet has poor eyesight and will not be able to notice that you are going to stroke him until you directly show your hand in front of his face. Before stroking him pick him up. Just put your hand on his blanket or bed so that your hamster comes to you. It is also important to pick him up carefully so that he won’t jump off from your hand. Thus, this will not make him surprised when you keep your hand suddenly before him.

Book about Syrian Hamsters (or Golden Hamsters)

Book about Syrian Hamsters (or Golden Hamsters)

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It is available in the following formats and should guide you in your passion through the daily life of  a Syrian Hamster.

The funny thing is that it’s not a classical non-fiction book, but a guide book that was written out of the perspective of Little Fella, the Hamster himself. This was Mich Medvedoffs idea, who is a wonderful story-teller from the US and by now a good friend of mine.Book about Syrian Hamsters or Golden Hamsters as Pets


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